Request from Ambassadors for Children:

Ambassadors for Children has a request for 18 year old, Lora. Lora is a senior in high school. With all that she has had going on, she is super proud of herself for getting ready to graduate! She has saved up for a class ring and is short about $80.

Her foster mother tells us that the class ring is her tangible reminder of her success and this milestone!

Interested in helping fill this request? Contact Peggy Harpster at pharpster1103@gmail.com


CA - Enrolling July 2018

Campbell Academy is Hiring

Teachers and a Teacher Assistant Needed

Campbell Academy (CA) is a ministry of Campbell United Methodist Church.
CA strives to provide a high quality education for our community
as we show God’s love to the children and parents we serve.

We are currently seeking two part time elementary teachers and
a teaching assistant. A valid teaching certificate or Abeka or CLE certification is required for the leadteaching positions. Some experience with children
is required for the assistant teacher position.

Interested teachers may send a cover letter and resume to pharpster@campbellumc.org

Mailed personal information may be sent to:
Peggy Harpster 1747 E. Republic Road, Springfield MO 65804.

Updated - Academy Logo

We have just received a request from ambassadors for children to help 10 year old twins Breya and Breyon who have recently been put into foster care.   Their new foster parents are requesting help to pay for them to go to summer camp with their foster siblings.   The camp is $160 each and begins next week, so we need to act quickly!  If you are able to help with this request, please let me, Becky Solari, know by text or call to 417-848-9052. Or by bringing your donation by the church office.  I thank you all in advance for your generosity!  We have never let these kids down before and I know I can count on you to help!

This THURSDAY. May 10, 2018. Campbell United Methodist Church is hosting a 7 pm Gospel concert featuring the Diplomats from Atlanta, GA and local quartet 4Calvary that features Campbell UMC’s own Mr. Paul Baum! Doors open at 6 pm.

Hospitality Coordinator Glee Kieny is asking for help with greeting and ushering…as we expect a crowd!

Several other churches and communities are sending groups (we have received calls from as far away as West Plains, MO, as well as calls from local churches bringing groups) – so our need for hospitality help is significant. This is an opportunity for our church to once again make its very best hospitality effort as we are known for doing!

We simply need some folks to say hello at our entry points and pass the plates during the Love Offering. If you can help at all, PLEASE contact Glee Kieny at gkieny@campbellumc.org or at 417-881-2018 or reach Bill Huff at bhuff@campbellumc.org or at 417-459-7601 (cell) – thanks to all and we can’t wait to see you there! All are invited!!

Our caseworker has withdrawn her request for funding for the behavioral therapy program for the young foster girl because she did not qualify for the program.   If you have already donated towards this cause, we can keep the donation in our fund for the next request, or we can return your donation.

Thank you for all of your generosity, and please keep this young girl in your prayers ❤️.


We have had a request from our caseworker at Ambassadors for Children.   This request is for a 14 year old foster child that is having some behavior issues. The child has been to Lakeland hospital and received outpatient counseling with little success.   Her foster parents are determined to try to keep her out of residential care and keep her in their loving home.   Her care team feels like an intensive 16 week program through Teen Challenge Ministry   would be very beneficial for her.   Unfortunately, this program is costly, approximately $1000.00, and not covered through Medicaid. Would anyone be able to make a financial contribution towards this therapy program for this young girl?   No contribution is too small… if you are able to do so, you can donate through the church office of by marking your offering on Sunday with a notation for adopt a caseworker, or by contacting Becky Solari 848-9052.


Thank you for always being so generous to our adopt a caseworker program!