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All Worship Services and Activities have been cancelled for Sunday, January 5th at Campbell United Methodist Church due to inclement winter weather.  (please share with as many as possible)Campbell Snow Closing



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The Skinny Improv

Tonight is the night! The Skinny Improv will be at Campbell at 6:30 pm. It is free, fun and family friendly. Experiencing this Improv group is a funny and great way to kick off the new year. Audience participation will make this hour hilarious.

At 5:30 there will be cupcakes for $1 in Fellowship Hall (while supplies last) and then at 6:00 head into the Sanctuary for the Connect tradition of Hymnslam with Andy and Kris.

If you can not join the pre-activities, come at 6:30 to laugh and fellowship? Bring friends for this free and did we mention family friendly evening?

See you there!

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Children’s Sabbath

This Sunday, October 16th is Children’s Sabbath. Kids will be integrated into all parts of the service, which means there will be no Sunday School or Children’s Worship for children 3 and up. In the 9:30 service we will be recognizing our 3rd graders and presenting them with their own Bible. It’s going to be an exciting Sunday, you don’t want to miss out.

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CONNECT for kids

CONNECT for the fall is scheduled for September 7th– November 9th! The routine each week for kids will look a little like this:

 5:30: Sack Supper & Dessert

6:00: Hymn Slam

6:30: Cherub Choir & Class

7:00: Ensemble & Class

7:30: Chimes

Choir and ensemble will have rehearsals for upcoming performances including the Christmas musical! Chimes is offered to 4th and 5th graders.  We’ll have a good time, hope to see you all there!

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Campbell at the Movies for KIDS

During Campbell at the Movies on Wednesdays in July we will have activities for your kids! Not all of the movies are really kid friendly so we want to offer you another option. On July 6th, 13th, and the 27th we will play outdoor water games. On the 20th, we will not have alternate activities because we are watching Toy Story 3! Please bring a towel and clothing that you don’t mind if your child gets wet. It may even be smart to bring a dry outfit too. :) Nursery will be available as well. Contact Kristi Donovan with any further questions.

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We are looking for several supplies and props to use at VBS this year. If you can let us borrow any of these items, please bring them to the church and place in our VBS “cart” in the front atrium. If it is something you want returned, please make sure to label it.

~plastic fruits and vegetables

~empty boxes

~large appliance boxes

~bar stools


~kitchen props (counter top items)

~small kitchen appliances

~50’s style decorations

~8×10 picture frames



Call or email Kristi at the church if you have any questions or bright ideas! Thanks!



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The presence is different,
 not to be rushed. 

The presence is
For the weary
Simple, yet radiant-
Ugly sometimes.  


It's a family thing,
A personal thing...
It's a daily thing.  

The presence is
Childlike faith-
Life-changing, REB

Emerging also known as:
-The old
-The young
-A recovering Grinch

The presence is our desire;
It's what we need:
And full of sUrPrIsEs!

The presence is living in us,
A fond memory...  

The presence is a new story,
Unfolding before us...

The presence is born unto us
(this day, in the city of David,
our Savior, who is the Christ,
the Lord).


Thank you, church, for writing Campbell’s Advent story this year! What a phenomenal congregation.

If you missed any of this year’s Advent Book entries, just click any of the 26 links in the poem above to check each entry out! And, just in case you missed Campbell in the news, you might want to check this out, too.

The Missouri Conference Review, Dec. 24 Edition

May Peace, Hope, Joy, and Love guide us all in the coming year.

Kory Wilcox, Contemporary Worship Leader

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