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All Worship Services and Activities have been cancelled for Sunday, January 5th at Campbell United Methodist Church due to inclement winter weather.  (please share with as many as possible)Campbell Snow Closing



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Hey Campbellites – if you pre-ordered or are otherwise interested in “Gone Forever,” my latest music project, this coming WEDNESDAY evening and SUNDAY morning will be the final opportunities to pick them up from me.

I will be leaving any pre-paid, unclaimed copies at the church with your names on them, but I would much prefer to personally check you off my little list (I really don’t want anyone missing out… I’m very excited and proud of this project).

For those who didn’t pre-order, I do have some extra copies of “Gone Forever,” while supplies last, for $10/ea, and I have lots of my “old” music to give away as well. Seriously, tell me what you want, and you’ll get it… y’all are entitled to the “I don’t want to move these boxes” special.

Also, FYI, we have a limited number of Praise Band CDs still available, and if you’ve never picked up one before, you definitely should while they’re still around! They are $10/ea as well, with all proceeds going to Campbell’s church music. I’ll have them out with my stuff, so just ask!

Thanks all for supporting this ministry. An update, for those of you who were part of the process… as a conference, we met our collective, $50,000 goal in donations to the Haiti Safe Water initiative that this project ended up supporting. The “Gone Forever” backers contributed a total of $450, which will now be matched by the initiative. That means that this little recording, with an initial budget goal of $3,000, has actually made a $900 total impact on providing clean water to Haiti! Wild, isn’t it! I love God’s math!

Many blessings,

Kory Wilcox – Notorious Church Blog Hijacker


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Time: Friday, May 20 · 5:30pm – 10:00pm
Location: The Guffey’s House – 5333 South Newton – Springfield, MO

Join us this Friday, May 20th for BBQ, Yard Games, Fellowship, and Fun — 5:30pm at the Guffey’s house! Bring a side to share, and we’ll be providing the meat and drinks. We’ll also be talking about some of the classes, events and ideas we’ve had for the Summertime. And, of course, INVITE FRIENDS and BRING FRIENDS!

And in case you’re asking, “what’s a Young Adult?” Well, we don’t know. Recent rumors have it as younger than Pastor Andy, but at least a senior in high school. All we know is there’s a lot of us, and really, everyone is welcome… single or married, kids or no kids, in school or working or not working, upside down or backwards.

We have at least one thing in common: busy, crazy lives. So take a break for some fellowship this week, and we’ll kick off what’s bound to be a great Summer of learning what it looks like to Live, Grow, and Share together!

Questions? Contact Elyse Guffey or Kory Wilcox.

RSVP to the Facebook event HERE!

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Good grief! Where are those sermons?!

The Beatitudes According to Charlie Brown sermon series is now current on the Campbell Website.  Just click through to www.campbellumc.org and click on SERMONS on the left!

You’ll also notice that everything prior to 2010 has now fallen off the sermons list. We do this mainly to keep space available for new “stuff” on our web server.  If you need something from 2009 or before, please let me know, and I’ll do my best to get it to you.

We’ll be updating several more pages this week, including Youth (with new Spring information and downloads) and Worship Music (with the rest of our 2010 highlights, Christmas music, the Children’s Musical, etc).

We’re also LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS to help keep the website current and to work on some redemptive projects, such as our Photo Albums!

If you are interested in becoming involved with moving our web presence forward (we need you!), or if you catch anything in error, or if you have any suggestions for the site, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me!  You can email me anytime at kwilcox@campbellumc.org!


Kory Wilcox, Contemporary Worship Leader

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The presence is different,
 not to be rushed. 

The presence is
For the weary
Simple, yet radiant-
Ugly sometimes.  


It's a family thing,
A personal thing...
It's a daily thing.  

The presence is
Childlike faith-
Life-changing, REB

Emerging also known as:
-The old
-The young
-A recovering Grinch

The presence is our desire;
It's what we need:
And full of sUrPrIsEs!

The presence is living in us,
A fond memory...  

The presence is a new story,
Unfolding before us...

The presence is born unto us
(this day, in the city of David,
our Savior, who is the Christ,
the Lord).


Thank you, church, for writing Campbell’s Advent story this year! What a phenomenal congregation.

If you missed any of this year’s Advent Book entries, just click any of the 26 links in the poem above to check each entry out! And, just in case you missed Campbell in the news, you might want to check this out, too.

The Missouri Conference Review, Dec. 24 Edition

May Peace, Hope, Joy, and Love guide us all in the coming year.

Kory Wilcox, Contemporary Worship Leader

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This week’s CUMC Newsletter has been posted.  Here is the link:



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