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A reminder:

There will be only two worship services on Sunday, May 11, 2014 – the 8:20 traditional service and the 10:00 Confirmation Service.

Our bishop, Bishop Robert Schnase will be the guest preacher for both services.

See you Sunday!


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All Worship Services and Activities have been cancelled for Sunday, January 5th at Campbell United Methodist Church due to inclement winter weather.  (please share with as many as possible)Campbell Snow Closing


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Prayer for Lent

God, my life is a marketplace.
I am sorry that so many things, many of them good things, some not so good, have become 
          more important to me than You.
And I am sorry for pretending that they haven’t.
Breathe your Spirit into my life and once again cleanse, clarify, and connect me to You.
God, your church is a marketplace, too.
We are sorry that so many things, many of them good things, some not so good, have become
          more important to us than You.
And we are sorry for pretending that they haven’t.
Breathe your Spirit into your church and once again cleanse, clarify, and connect us to You.
God, the world is a marketplace.
We are sorry that we have allowed, by our silence and complacency, so many things to become 
          more important in the world than You.
And we are sorry for pretending that we haven’t.
Breathe your Spirit into the world and once again cleanse, clarify, and connect Your world in a
          new and powerful way, through the promise of life eternal
          that is revealed in Christ Jesus.

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This week in worship!

Don’t forget, we’ll be talking Star Wars this Sunday and revealing the winner of our best movie villain pole! As we look ahead to King’s Speech, we’ll also be voting on the Best Film Actor! From John Wayne to Tom Hanks, you have to be here to vote! See you then!

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Campbell at the Movies!

Hey Campbell! It’s almost time to begin our annual “Campbell at the Movies” series! We’ve got a great slate of movies to discuss this year, beginning with Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope on Wednesday, July 6th. The movie will begin at 6:00, but feel free to come anytime after 5:30 with a sack supper!

To get us in the spirit, we’ll have an opportunity to vote for our favorite movie villain in worship this Sunday. From Darth Vader to Lord Voldemort, Cruella de Vil to the Shark from Jaws, you have to BE HERE to cast your vote! See you Sunday!

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Easter Vigil

Hey all! As you’ve hopefully heard, Campbell is holding an Easter Vigil this year. The vigil will begin with a worship service at 11:00 pm on Saturday the 23rd and culminate with the Sunrise worship service on Easter morning at 6:00 am. Between both worship services, the sanctuary will be open for prayer. Every forty minutes there will be a scripture reading, a responsive reading, and a song. Between readings, there will be some prayer stations set up in the sanctuary, or you are welcome to simply sit and pray, read, contemplate, or even nap! Water, coffee, and some snacks will be available in the Fellowship Hall as well. Please know that you are welcome to stay all night, or come and go as you please.

If you would like to do one of the scripture readings during the vigil, please contact Kris at kkeller@campbellumc.org or 881-2018 (ext. 208). We’ll need eight readers all together. And remember, you’re welcome to simply come for your reading and leave immediately afterwards.

Hope you’ll give this a try with us!

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The presence is different,
 not to be rushed. 

The presence is
For the weary
Simple, yet radiant-
Ugly sometimes.  


It's a family thing,
A personal thing...
It's a daily thing.  

The presence is
Childlike faith-
Life-changing, REB

Emerging also known as:
-The old
-The young
-A recovering Grinch

The presence is our desire;
It's what we need:
And full of sUrPrIsEs!

The presence is living in us,
A fond memory...  

The presence is a new story,
Unfolding before us...

The presence is born unto us
(this day, in the city of David,
our Savior, who is the Christ,
the Lord).


Thank you, church, for writing Campbell’s Advent story this year! What a phenomenal congregation.

If you missed any of this year’s Advent Book entries, just click any of the 26 links in the poem above to check each entry out! And, just in case you missed Campbell in the news, you might want to check this out, too.

The Missouri Conference Review, Dec. 24 Edition

May Peace, Hope, Joy, and Love guide us all in the coming year.

Kory Wilcox, Contemporary Worship Leader

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